Principles and Values

versibilis - people and brands

Versibilis was founded in 2002 with the objective to make companies to be even more successful. Our offices are located in Hamburg/Germany and San Mateo/California.

The principles that guide our work and projects are change, progress and positive development.

The name versibilis comes from Latin inversibilis, meaning unchangeable, and echoes these guiding principles.

We believe only steady, continuous development ensures long-term success. Remaining in a static position in a dynamic environment runs the risk of actually going backwards.

Two essential success factors for a company are people and brands and these are at the center of our work.

  • People as consumers and as employees are key to a company or brand's success
  • Brands are irrevocably connected to consumer perception and their corresponding behavior.

We specifically address these success factors - people and brands, improve them and thereby securing a company's long-term success.

Our Values

  • Growth and Success
    We believe in positive growth alternatives opportunities and therefore direct our work to the over-riding objectives growth and success.
  • Innovation and new Paths
    Innovation is a key to success as new ideas and perspectives/point-of-views open horizons to new solutions.
  • Partnership and Team spirit
    Both in our agency and in the collaboration with our clients, these values are critical requirements for constructive results.
  • Individuality
    Every project is a new challenge as each client has specific, unique needs. Therefore, we tailor our project work to these needs.