The emphasis is the development of strategies and long-term actions. Good strategy is the foundation for targeted, efficient and effective development and implementation of marketing activities. Thus, strategy strongly determines the success of a brand. We also have a grounded understanding of business operations which that ensures recommendations are actionable and successful.

Area of our marketing consulting are:

  • Brand Development
    • growth strategies
    • new product- and line extensions
    • positioning definition
    • concept development
  • Specific Strategy Issues, i. e.
    • naming
    • sound branding
  • Portfolio Strategies and Brand Architecture
  • Marketing-Mix (Efficiency-Strategies)
  • Strategic Planning (companies or agencies)
  • Internal Marketing

The point of departure in our consulting work is the consumer:  they buy and use products, brands and services. Consumer acceptance or rejection determines a brand's success or failure.

The commitment to a brand and the actual purchase decision often occur deep within the consumer's mind. Thus, the marketing strategy and tactics of successful brands are based on a deep psychological understanding of human behavior. These then influence the consumers' perceptions and their behavior. Therefore, market research, - particularly qualitative as consumer insights, are essential to our project work.

Furthermore, ideas are generated using concrete, proven creative techniques as well as interactive client workshops are equally important to achieve optimal results.