Case Studies

1.) Task: Development of a new positioning as basis for communication strategy

  • First step - qualitative market research: general consumer and market insights, including current brand awareness/perception; need identification and exploration of typical product experiences
  • Creative development of alternative positioning directions
  • Development of concepts with corresponding mood boards
  • Second phase - qualitative market research: exploration of individual concepts, both verbal and visual
  • Development of optimal positioning based on research results
  • Development of a communication plan to penetrate the new positioning.

2.) Task: Development of a name for a new variant

  • Analysis of the market, the competitive environment and specific category codes as well as brand potentials within the competitive environment
  • Creative process in several phases to develop alternatives
  • Name selection under strategic considerations (shortlist)
  • Qualitative exploration of name alternatives (verbal and visual) in focus groups
  • Name recommendation
  • Name registration

3.) Task: Development of an emotional world and brand personality and ensuring each employee embraces these emotions and values

  • Analysis of brands, market studies and company information
  • Development of optimal positioning with senior management in a workshop-process consisting of several layers
  • Development of an internal communication plan with interactive workshops to introduce all employees to the new brand world
  • Development of training materials and give-aways
  • Implementation of a pilot workshops
  • Training of company internal moderators to facilitate all workshops

4.) Task: Qualitative exploration of a brand sound (how a specific brand sounds)

  • Qualitative research in three  target groups: stakeholder interviews within the company, consumer groups/targets, as well as an expert workshop with diverse emphasis
  • Consumer groups: evaluation of the perception process with specialized questioning techniques, use of association and associative exercises to deepen the conscious and unconscious understanding, check congruence with brand personality
  • Stakeholder interviews: perception from the perspective of company management - check fit with company and brand
  • Expert workshop to evaluate the sounds in cultural and international context
  • Sound-recommendation

5.) Task: Conflict resolution within a department

  • Detailed analysis of the actual problems and their origin
  • Problem recognition and development of a resolution concept
  • Creating understanding of the problem origins and application and implementation of the concept together with the coachees
  • Guidance to self-recognition in individual and group discussion
  • Problem management and implementation using individual tools, strengthening of self-reflection
  • Lasting problem resolution, problem prevention, establishment of communication structures